Mikimoto Co.,Ltd.



Mikimoto has fully satisfied customer needs through development and sales of materials, tools and measuring apparatus, devising systems and construction methods, and creating software and digital contents. These products are indispensable for improving infrastructures in the fields of telecommunication, housing equipment electric power and town gas distribution facilities. Mikomoto will continue to provide quality goods and services, help create safe, secure and comfortable life and thus contribute to advancement of the enriched society based on its corporate principle of 3S: Service with Speed and Sincerity.



Mikimoto has focused on business in the fields of mobile communications, optic-fiber cable and CATV networks. In the Multimedia Age, Mikimoto will continue to strengthen its business foothold, challenging the rapidly expanding and ever more sophisticated fields.

Lineup of service
Development and sales of machinery,tools and equipment for building communication infrastructure.



With housing facilities becoming more diverse and unique than in the past, electric and communication facilities in houses have gained more importance to ensure safety, security, and convenience of lives.
Mikimoto has provided integrated-based customer services, from suggesting house plans to receiving orders, making deliveries and quality after-sales services. Mikimoto is committed to meeting a wider range of diversified customers' needs.

Lineup of service
Sales and installation of home electrical devices and systems,including lighting fixtures, air conditioners, telephones, intercoms,IT-related devices,home appliances,home elevators, switchboard, floor heating devices,and outdoor electrical systems,environmental products, etc.


Mikimoto has been contributing to the improvement of safety and energy saving of overhead transmission tower and line construction undertaken in severe conditions through development of lines. Capitalizing on these experiences, Mikimoto is at the forefront of development of machines for town gas distribution, telecommunication systems and house building.

Lineup of service
Development and sales of machinery,tools and equipment for building electric power and telecommunication infrastructure.



Remarkable progress in IT / telecommunication technology has dramatically improved efficiency of business activities and enhanced quality of life in our society. it's like a dream come true.
In order to meet the varied needs of customers, Mikimoto provides comprehensive services from building up the environment of the advanced networks to the sales of peripheral equipment development of software, and creation of digital contents.

Lineup of service
  • Multimedia communication network service
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Virtual reality solution
  • Mobile phone & MID solution
  • 3-D solution
  • Network solution